• there are so many ways in which the body can start to heal itself naturally

    tap into our innate mind/body energy source


Nicola (Niki) was born in London where she studied Law and Economics before embarking in a career as a Foreign Exchange Trader. Niki then moved to Sydney, Australia where she continued her finance work and also started her journey in holistic wellness – she took up studies in Nutrition, Aesthetics and Aromatherapy. For 25 years, Niki’s focus is purely Holistic Wellness. She now resides between London and Singapore, educating and treating her clients in the Wellness arena. Her priority is to help her clients on a deeper level of understanding themselves through mind/body experiences. Niki is a NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Nutritionist, TRE Facilitator, Reiki Master, Professional Image Consultant.

Niki is passionate about healing others in a holistic environment through a combination of Somatic Coaching, NLP, TRE, Nutrition and Reiki.

“We never stop learning, I want to encourage people to be the best version of themselves possible. I truly believe there are so many ways in which the body can start to heal itself naturally, we just need to tap into our innate mind/body energy source”.









“Niki played a big role in my journey of discovering self love. She created a safe, encouraging and loving environment for me. She truly embodies the ability to connect, but also helps you to form a true connection with yourself. She focuses on solving problems from the root with focus on holistic healing. I left every session feeling nourished, rejuvenated and wanting to come back for more. Niki has my warmest and most sincere recomendations!”

“Every time I have a reiki session with Niki, I am filled with serenity that lasts for days. She possesses the greatest sensitivity, patience and compassion, but is always practical in her advice and insights. I’m grateful that in today’s busy chaotic world, I have found emotional, mental and spiritual support from Niki and highly recommend her reiki work to anyone looking to experience life with more calm and joy.”

“Nicki has been a great resource for us. She promptly set up the virtual zoom call coordinating with 3 different cities for my family, and made us feel very much at ease from the very beginning. The session itself was incredible and Nicki has an uncanny ability to be personable despite being in a large group. Through her guidance and exercises we managed as a family to shake, shake, shake! I would highly recommend Nicki in a heartbeat. Thank you again!”