I was born and raised in England and have had the privilege of living in some beautiful countries around the world.

I started my career as a Foreign Exchange Trader in London but decided to pursue my interest in holistic wellness in 1993 when I moved to Sydney, where I eventually graduated with a diploma in Nutrition, Advanced Aesthetics and Aromatherapy. This was just the beginning of a very exciting journey that allowed me to meet with people from various backgrounds and cultures. Through my practice I am able to equip people with the tools to heal, encourage their strengths and coach them through various modalities for growth, clarity and personal goals.

I am now a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, TRE facilitator, Certified Professional Image Consultant and Coach. I am a member of the NLP Business School of Coaching, an affiliate of the Reiki Centre Masters (Singapore) and a Hoffman Ambassador, (South East Asia).

I am confident that with my qualifications and over 20 years of experience in this field, I can help navigate you through your personal goals and through your journey of love and light. These tools have helped me tremendously in my own personal journey of raising children, running my own businesses, Marriage, Divorce, Trauma, Loss, Grief and learning the power of love and forgiveness.